When you apply for medicine, you have to coherently and effectively answer the question “Why do you want to become a doctor?” in your counselling sessions. Then, in every interview thereafter, you need to answer the question once again, but this time in front of a panel of interviewers. It is complicated to understand which answers admission committees deem as “acceptable” and which are deemed as “unacceptable”. Obviously it is a matter of opinion and everyone has a different combination of reasons to be a doctor. Nevertheless, there is a reason why some people get into medical school and some don’t even after securing good score in NEET examination.

Applicants who confidently explain to admission committees that they have the proper motivation and skill set to be a good doctor are the ones who are accepted. We at MedStudies believe in guiding students in such a manner that they feel confident about their choice of becoming a doctor. Here is a list of potential reasons to be a doctor.  If students can only identify with one or two of these reasons, most likely you do not have the right motivation to become a physician.

  1. Helping Others In An Incredibly Significant Way

All of us value our health above everything else in our lives consciously or unconsciously. When someone is  sick or injured, his or her normal way of life is disrupted and doctors have the incredible opportunity to restore these people’s lives to normalcy and even save some from death itself. Therefore being a doctor is extremely rewarding.

  1. Medicine Is Fascinating

Becoming a doctor means learning everything about human anatomy. The human body itself is a phenomenal thing to study and medical students and doctors have the opportunity to further examine it with the most innovative technology. From the pumping of the heart to drugs that take away pain to machines that allow you look inside a person, modern medicine remains one of the most fascinating subjects in the world.

  1. Trust And Honour

By the virtue of their profession, doctors are trusted with sensitive information that most other people would not have access to. Patients share their deepest concerns with their doctors in hopes of being healed. To be trusted to this extent by anybody is a great honour.

  1. Influence And Respect

Doctors are in a position of influence and that influence if used properly brings them respect. They are considered the leaders in health care and often have the final say on treatment decisions. When doctors talk, people usually listen. Even outside the work setting, doctors are regarded highly. Our concept of a person changes when we know that person is a doctor.

  1. Bundle Of Opportunities

Being a doctor does not mean you have to see patients all day. There are numerous other opportunities available for MD’s : clinical research, basic science research, journalism, consulting, business ventures, hospital administration, public health, and public policy.

  1. Ability To Build Meaningful Relationships

Doctors are blessed with the opportunity of building relationships with patients in the process of teaching them.

  1. Job Stability

Doctors are one of the pillars of our society. They are always needed so you will not have to worry about a fluctuating job market as much as most other jobs. The medical field is not very influenced by the ups and downs of the economy.

  1. Requires Critical Thinking And Problem Solving

Doctors have to use their intelligence and technical skills to treat patients.  Many doctors enjoy the challenge of having to diagnosing a patient and figuring out the best way to treat them. Many surgeons and other procedure-based doctors love to work with their hands to find and fix problems.

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