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MBBS From Armenia

The most rewarding and respectable profession in a country like ‘India’ is the medical profession. For Indian medical aspirants, studying MBBS in Armenia can be the best option. Students can get anything they wish for in their medical university of Armenia.

Modern infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, Low MBBS course fee, good clinical exposure, quality medical education, these are some factors which attract thousands of students to do MBBS in Armenia.

Also, a student does not need to opt for any kind of entrance exam to get admission in a top medical university in Armenia. The classes for MBBS are conducted in the English language in Armenia. Equivalent to an MBBS degree in India, the medical universities in Armenia offer an ‘MD’ degree to Indian students.

Why Study MBBS in Armenia?

Check these some of the benefits of studying medicine in Armenia for Indian students:

  • Armenian medical certificates are recognized by NMC and WHO
  • No TOEFL or IELTS is essential for admission to MBBS program in Armenia
  • Lower cost of living in Armenia
  • One of the safest countries in Europe for worry-free education
  • Good proximity and studying environment
  • No Entrance exams needed for admission to MBBS in Armenia
  • Good study environment
  • Highly competitive course fee

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