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About University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Today the courses at the integrated University of East Sarajevo have been attended by approximately 13,000 students in 10 towns where 17 organizational units of the University are located, while the Rector’s Office, as an administrative center, is located in East Sarajevo. There are 56 academic programs of the first cycle, 48 of the second cycle 48 and 11 of the third cycle of studies.

Study programs of the University follow modern scientific trends and scientific knowledge, and we strive to harmonize them with current developments in the labor market and with the needs of the economic environment.

The University of East Sarajevo is the first accredited public higher education institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2018 it will enter the process of re-accreditation.

Considerable resources have been invested in the modernization of laboratories and IT equipment, especially in the 7 research centers at the University of East Sarajevo, thus enabling the practical application of knowledge and giving impetus to the development of science.

The University of East Sarajevo, as a partner or coordinator, has been actively involved in major projects and programs such as IPA, Erasmus + (including former Tempus program), Horizon 2020, providing improvement of academic community, exchange of teaching staff and students, volunteering or work abroad, cooperation with industry in order to commercialize innovative products or services, improvement of infrastructure etc.

The University traditionally organizes high-quality scientific meetings with a very large number of submitted papers and participants from countries all around the world, emphasizing a reputation which scientific conferences of the University have built in the global academic community. Due to good scientific results achieved by most scientific conferences, the University of East Sarajevo and its conferences have been classified as a prominent international scientific institution by numerous strict categorization.

The University of East Sarajevo is a member of the European University Association – EUA, Danube Rectors’ Conference, Alpe-Adria Rectors’ Conference, and the Rectors’ Conferences of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska.

Why Study MBBS at University of East Sarajevo?

Following are the benefits of studying medicine at University of East Sarajevo:

  • Choosing a place of study is one of the most important decisions a person will make in his or her lifetime. We believe that the Faculty of Medicine Foča degree and experience will prove to be one of your key investments, as it will open the door to new opportunities and prepare you for a world beyond the classroom.
  • The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1993. For 27 years, the Faculty of Medicine in Foča has grown into a respectable teaching institution and its diploma is highly recognized and accepted. In 2008, higher education has been reformed in line with the Bologna process. The doctors who have acquired knowledge and skills here, have improved health care in BiH as well as in surrounding countries, Europe, and in the world, which is the greatest acknowledgment and pride of the Faculty.
  • This is the first higher educational institution in BiH that has received external accreditation and it is important to emphasize that it has also educated large number of its own scientific and medical staff.
    The classes are organized into four study programmes for native students: medicine, dentistry, nursing and special education and rehabilitation. Study programmes in medicine and dentistry are integrated and last 6 years, while study programmes in nursing and special education and rehabilitation last 4 years in the first cycle, and 1 year in the second cycle. Study programme in medicine for foreign students has started recently. Our mission is to offer our students education that responds to the demands of modern society and trends in the field of medicine by focusing on the future. We believe that study programmes in English will consolidate their position in the sphere of higher education and will thus continue to carefully follow and respond to current demands; as well as to set new goals in order to enable our students to fully maximize their potential.
  • We have strived to keep the student in the center of the teaching process by creating curricula with clearly defined learning outcomes and competencies in terms of what the student knows, understands, and is ready to implement and apply independently and responsibly after the learning process.


How to apply

The admission prerequisites required for applying MBBS at University of East Sarajevo:

  • Step 1: Choose a program
  • Step 2: Press “APPLY NOW” button
  • Step 3: Send your request
  • Step 4: Go to study
To apply to University of East Sarajevo follow these next steps. Start your application process by pressing “Choose a program”. Contact your university representative to get information about necessary steps, as the admissions algorithm may vary for different countries.



University of East Sarajevo Fee details:

University of East Sarajevo6 Years5000300020000
  • Note:
    • 1st year fee includes:  Tuition fee, application fee, administration fee,
    • Food (INR): 96,000 ANNUALLY
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