Established in the year: 1991
The Birat Medical College Biratnagar is among the newest college for MBBS in Nepal. This university is affiliated with Kathmandu University. This university is among the best medical college in Nepal.

Biratnagar medical college Nepal maintains its excellent quality of education that is provided by experienced and highly qualified teachers. Over the last two decades, this medical college in Nepal has upheld its culture for providing the finest health care along with the pursuit of excellence, all of this combined has led to the national recognition of this university and has made a benchmark in certain fields.

The Biratnagar medical college is recognized by international organizations such as the medical council of India and the world health organization, which attracts international students from all around the world to Study MBBS in Birat Medical college Biratnagar.

Fee details:

1st Year2nd Year3rd year4th Year5th Year
Tuition fee in USD ($)
(for SAARC student as prescribed by Nepal Govt.)
$ 25,000$ 16,667$ 16,667$ 16,667-$75,000
Equivalent Tuition fee in INR @ Rs 80/USD₹ 2,000,000₹ 1,333,333₹ 1,333,333₹ 1,333,333-₹ 6,000,000
Less discount by college₹ 0₹ -395,000₹ -395,000₹ -399,713₹ 0₹ -1,189,713
Net Tuition Fee₹ 2,000,000₹ 938,333₹ 938,333₹ 933,620₹ 0₹ 4,810,287
Hostel and Mess for 4.5 years₹ 1,42,500₹ 1,42,500₹ 156,750₹ 156,750₹ 86,213₹ 684,713
KU Registration₹ 25,000₹ 25,000
NMC Registration₹ 5,000₹ 5,000
Bed Beddings₹ 25,000₹ 25,000
Fee Payable to College in 4.5 years₹ 2,197,500₹ 1,080,833₹ 1,095,083₹ 1,090,370₹ 86,213₹ 5,550,000
Others Misc. Fee Not included in above Package
Security Deposit - Refundable₹ 100,000₹ 100,000
Board Exam Fee (Payable at the time of Board exam)₹ 11,000₹ 11,000₹ 11,000₹ 11,000₹ 44,000


  • If students fails in university exam, NRs 15,000/- has to be paid in each subject in the university re-exam beside university exam fee.
  • Passing all internal examinations is a must. Re-Examination will be compulsory until all paper is cleared.
    if students have to retake an examination, NRs 5,000/- will be charged as re-exam fee.
  • 20% late fee will be charged per day if fee is nit paid within due date.
  • Hostel & mess fees should be paid in advance for 1 year
  • University exam fee as per KU rules not included in above package.
  • Registration fee in KU/NMC/MOE as per respective authorities notice included in above package.
  • Hostel is compulsory till the student appears for final year Board Examination.
  • If student choose not to take food from college mess, no fee adjustment will be made.
  • Electricity charges in hostel has to be paid by student for appliances such as A/c, cooler, Heater, boiler etc.
  • Refundable Security Deposit IRs. 100,000/- is payable at the time of admission and will be refunded up on completion of the internship after deduction all claims, fines and other deductions if any.

Admission Procedure:

  • Must have present year NEET qualified.
Authorization Letter

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