What after 12th? What courses after 12th? What to do after 12th? These are some of the few questions which bewilder the students when they cross their first milestone of the 10th board examination. Well…This is not something to be perturbed about… these are the key questions which almost every student must asks or is worried about.

Some might have already thought and are already on a path to realize their dream courses after 12th or best courses after 12th. But for many, there lies a cloud of confusion with plethora of choices in front of them. And even if you have a plan, there could be some doubts regarding the future of that course.

For example, what is the scope of engineering? Which is the most employable course in Engineering? If not engineering then what are the alternative options available that will yield you good remuneration?

Think about it.

Do you know there are only about 79,000 MBBS seats in 535 medical colleges in India? How many students appeared for NEET UG in 2019?
Well!! 14,10,755. That is 1.4 million students! So how many seats are there for a student? Only approx. 5.6 seats per 100 students.

So, what to do after class 12th? Do not feel awkward to ask, because it’s ok to ask and it’s ok to know the right information before you make your choice.

There are plenty of options to choose the best courses after 12th from courses which fit your ambitions and answer the questions ‘what to do after 12th‘ and ‘career options after 12th’ aptly.
To help you make a well informed and good decision about what you do after 12th, MedStudies offers
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