Why Career Counselling Is Important In Building A Successful Career?

Why Career Counselling Is Important In Building A Successful Career?

Career Counselling Is Not Just Choosing Your Subject For Higher Studies:

Career counselling is much more than deciding the most suitable career path or what perfect job to take in the future. Career counselling is a lifelong process. At every stage of the individuals’ life, they need to make tough decisions. Career counselling and guidance not only helps the students to make decisions now but also gives them the confidence and knowledge to make the right career decisions in the future. 

  • Being aware of your identity is important to create your professional identity. To get aware of our identity which mainly holds the self-awareness part, career counseling is important. A career counselor makes his/her client aware of themselves and what they are passionate about.
  • It is the 21st century, the era of digital, social, and emerging sciences, there is a vast list of career opportunities. People can choose any of the desired options of a career which they want to opt for. Adding to this selection of career, the huge list of options brings confusion along with it. It is tough to figure out what we want. Thus to avoid this situation of dilemma, career counseling is suggested.
  • The concept of career counseling came into consideration at large during the times of the First and the Second World Wars. The military-appointed too many psychologists to assess people if they wanted to render their service to the Wars or not, their skills, interests, background, and so on. These psychologists created several tests to serve the aforementioned purpose. Some of these tests are still used in the field of career counseling.
  • Previously it was expected from a child to opt for the profession or career that his/her Guardians have been in. But trends change and so did this process of career selection. This generation is in dire need of career counseling firstly because most of us do not have any earthly idea of what are we passionate about. Secondly, the fear of what a particular job will take us to after 5-10 years which is the insecurity concerning the job. Lastly, we opt for a career cause we do not like the other one which is an example of not thinking rationally and forming biases.
  • It is thus important to be self-aware to refrain oneself from social biases, cultural biases, inter and intrapersonal biases, racial biases, and every other possible kind of biases. Thus exploring your self-identity is the area of the forte of career counseling. In our country, it is suggested to take career counseling twice, one after 10th and the other after 10+2, to get effective results.
  • To me, the present batches who were taking the 10th and 12th boards and other competitive examinations should opt for career counseling due to this total mind wrecking situation of all around. Cancellation of the examinations can lead to various negative outcomes that are not desirable. Thus, know yourself to know what you want and know what you want to be yourself throughout.

Career Counsellors:

Career counsellor follows a systematic process to guide students for taking an informed career decision. In India, www.medstudies.in (Medstudies) is one of the most popular career counselling website, which is having a large network of 1800+ career counsellors. They offer face to face or online career counselling across 10+ locations in India. 

NEP 2020 And Requirement of Career Counselling:

The underlying and the most important reason for students and professionals to get career counselling is career clarity and happy career. 

After NEP 2020, many students are facing the dilemma of right career choice. They are even more confused than before because to understand the new education system, and getting adapted to it is a huge challenge.  

There are more than 200+ career paths, 18+ career clusters and 3000+ occupations. No individual can know all these things.  

Career counselling can help to bridge the gap for the students. 

Many professionals are unhappy with their career and looking for a career switch. Many working professionals face stress at jobs, the stress of managing home and career, which affects their overall state of being. There are many women professional who want to make a comeback after a career break. 

These are a few of the dilemmas that professionals face.

Career counselling can help professionals in finding the perfect job that aligns with their interest.  

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