Education Abroad: Indians High On Global Aspirations

Education Abroad: Indians High On Global Aspirations

enturing overseas for higher education has always been an ambitious goal of the bright minds of India. In the last few years, this very ambition has turned into a priority to gain world-class education to match the requisite skills for high-paying global jobs and accelerate career growth.
The key reason behind the push for foreign education is the rapidly evolving business ecosystem across the segments globally. The swift technological disruption has further necessitated the learning of top-notch skills to increase their employability and stay relevant to the changing needs of industries.

Millions of young Indians from across the cities make it to foreign institutions every year. They strongly believe that studying abroad is the best pathway to learn relevant skills, get global exposure, develop a robust network of professionals and accomplish the goal of high social status.
If we look at the data, we can easily observe the increasing inclination of Indians to study abroad. Indeed, the number of students going abroad to study decreased during the pandemic but their enthusiasm remained firm. With the ease of the pandemic-induced restrictions, the number of students shifting abroad is now increasing.

The New Education Policy announced by the Indian Government in 2020 has brought a massive change in the higher education system and has brought a new wave of optimism in global education. Allowing foreign universities to open campuses in the country and facilitating student mobility will make it possible to access quality education.
This has further given a chance to the reputed and top-ranked foreign universities to acknowledge the value of international education and overseas education and attract more students not just from India but from other countries as well.

According to UN population prospects, India has the largest young population in the age group of 18 to 23 years globally.
Education is the primary requirement of this massive population to propel economic growth. However, students have to face stiff competition to get admission to their favorite institution. And, despite their hard work, some are left with no seat in their dream institute.
In contrast, foreign countries with relatively lower competition provide a tremendous opportunity for budding students to pursue their dream courses. Even some countries offer scholarships and attractive incentives like work permits.
These are the major driving factors for parents and students behind their preference to study in a foreign country. In recent years, some countries like Australia have increased post-study work rights for students. These favorable changes have further increased the students’ sentiment toward studying abroad.


  • Students nurturing the desire to study abroad have to face challenges as well-internally and externally. If we talk about internal obstacles, most is the lack of proper direction and guidance.
  • It is challenging to identify universities that provide quality education and keep students’ interests on top.

Self-awareness and cross-checking can help in dealing with such situations and making the right decision.

For Indian students, Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK are the preferred choices when it comes to studying abroad. Also, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Switzerland have emerged as attractive destinations in the last few years. They are also known for providing flourishing employment opportunities post the completion of the course.
However, students need to look into different aspects before selecting a university to study at. They must check the curriculum covered, entry requirements, educational structure and learning environment, cost of study, scholarships available, and post-study employment opportunities.
In the last few years, countries like Australia have emerged as a destination that offers better opportunities with robust learning, attractive scholarships, employment options, and others. These destinations are providing students with the requisite environment to earn a reputed degree and fulfill global aspirations.

As the world is coming back to normal again post the pandemic-induced effects, it is expected that the applications for admission to foreign institutions will see a significant jump. Educational institutes across these nations are prepared with all measures to welcome new batches of students and facilitate their aspirations to study in a prestigious institution and accomplish career goals.