Russia is the largest country in the world and it has a century-long history of developing world-class education, especially for international students. As per the statistics based on the organization for Economic cooperation and development (OECD), Russia tops the chart of the most educated population in the world, Russia hosts more than

2,00,000 international students from over 170 countries worldwide Every Indian Student willing to study in Russia must read the article fully to understand the procedure of getting through the system.

Russian Universities have an edge in the world of education in science, especially mathematics and physics. Students who are interested in studying in Russia also have the opportunity to get the taste of the culture, traditions, history, and the warm hospitality of our Russian counterparts.
Russia gives us a plethora of choices in selecting the universities to study MBBS.
Students acquire in-depth knowledge of all subjects based on a practical approach to learning. The concepts and topics taught in the medical universities, are complemented with live demonstration and practical training for easy understanding.
International students can apply for part-time employment during their tenure of study at the state accredited Russian Universities. However, students need to get a work permit from designated authorities for the same.

Below we have jotted down some facts about studying and spending the academic cycle by an MBBS student in Russia.

  • Teaching method of Russian Universities:
    • To facilitate the best learning Medical Universities in Russia keep a very low student-teacher ratio (10:1) to provide a conducive environment for student learning and every student gets individual attention. Professors in medical universities focus on the way that can help students to easily understand the course syllabus. In class, every lesson is taught with practical training for easy understanding of concepts and topics.
  • Job Opportunities after MBBS
    • The medical degree of Russian Universities is recognized worldwide which makes students eligible for work anywhere in the world. Also students can apply for part-time employment during their tenure of study at Russian Universities. However, students need to get a work permit from designated authorities for the same.
  • Cost-effective Education:
    • Many Indian students believe that studying abroad will cost a bomb and they cannot afford to pay the fees and other expenses. But this is not true rather programs in the UK/Canada/USA can be incredibly expensive than Russia. In Russia the tuition fees at various universities for different degree course range between 2,43,000 to 2,65,000 INR per year
  • Guidance to study MBBS in Russia:
    • Many Indian students prefer to take admission in Russian Medical Universities. There are few seats of medical admission in India and the other option is private colleges but due to their high fee structure, students chose to study MBBS Abroad. Any student who qualifies for the NEET exam can take direct MBBS admission to top medical universities in Russia. Here at Medstudies we provide full assistance to the student regarding travel arrangements as well all kinds of documentation support.
  • Practice in Home Country:
    • After completing their MBBS in Russia students willing to return to their home country for their medical practice need to clear the NEXT exam to get registration for their Medical Practice.
  • Medium of Education in Russian Universities:
    • The medium of education in Russian universities is Russian and English. Some Medical universities provide MBBS course in English for International students. Medical students also get training to learn the Russian language so that they can communicate with their patients during their training period.

To conclude, We at Medstudies help students in fulfilling their dream to become a doctor and open their doors to a brighter future.

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