MBBS From Russia

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Studying MBBS in Russia is substantial for students who want to pursue Medicine in Europe. From the 16th century, the history of Medical Science in Russia is rated at the top compared to other countries. The quality education by the top MBBS colleges in Russia is the only reason behind it.

The Russian government has subsidized Medical education for international students by 50% of actual education. This helped to encourage foreign students to take admission to Russia for an MBBS degree.

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MBBS From Kuban State Medical University

The Kuban State Medical University was founded in 1920 by Government of the Russian Federation and to date, it is considered as one of the ancient Universities of the Kuban and one of the Top Medical Universities of Russia. The authority of the founder is supervised by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

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MBBS From Kabardino-Balkarian State University

Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University is one of the best medical institutes in Russia. Established In the year 1932 and located in the city of Nalchik, Russia.The university has more than 85+ years of existence and is playing an essential role in medical science education and training of medical students and scientists.In today’s world, Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University is well known for its best medical scientific, informational, cultural, social medical institute globally due to large scale clinical research, laboratory base and highly educated teaching faculty.

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MBBS From Ulyanovsk State University

Ulyanovsk State University was founded in 1988 as a branch of Moscow State University, the highest Russian educational institution, one of the most reputable universities in the world. In 1995, the branch of MSU in Ulyanovsk was transformed into Ulyanovsk State University.

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