MBBS From Mkhitar Gosh University

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Mkhitar Gosh is a higher educational institution, bearing status of an authorized teaching university. It carries higher academic education in accordance with the legislation and issues a document certifying the qualification recognized by the state .

Mkhitar Gosh was founded in 1996. Currently, the Mkhitar Gosh is a modern university with a comprehensive infrastructure, and experienced faculty members that are nationally (and some of them worldwide) recognized specialists in different areas of medicine, professional health organizations and agencies.

Twenty Four years ago first 11 students were enrolled, whereas at present about 2500 students study in the University. Most of our students are citizens of foreign countries: India, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Jordan, Egypt and Sri Lanka. This is why the language of instruction is English.

Our success should be completely attributed to our excellent team.  Owing to 24 years of tireless efforts and embodying various innovative ideas, Mkhitar Gosh managed to hold its niche among Armenian higher educational institutions. It’s important to us that both the   student and the academic staff have a sense of complete freedom in learning and teaching process. Our priority is to make sure the university employees are focused on a common goal and equally share the role of the university as a higher educational institution.

Mkhitar Gosh has affiliation agreements with 15 of the world’s most prestigious hospitals and research institutes, vital partners that provide clinical care and training. They also serve as home base for more than 200 physicians and scientists with faculty appointments.

Fess Details

University Name1st year Fee USD2nd year to 6th year USDTotal
Mkhitar Gosh University4,0002,90018,500


  • Hostel and food charges 2,000 USD.
  • TRC + Medical Insurance + visa extension 1st year 200 USD.