MBBS in Kuban State Medical University

About Kuban State Medical University

Kuban State Medical University was founded in 1920, and to this day is one of the oldest universities of Kuban and the leading medical universities in Russia.

The structure of the Kuban State Medical University on the rights of structural units include:

  • 7 faculties (medical, pediatric, dental, medical and preventive, pharmaceutical, the faculty of pre-university training and the faculty of advanced training and professional retraining of specialists) ;
  • 66 departments ;
  • Clinic ;
  • Dental clinic ;

The founder of the University is the Government of the Russian Federation. The authority of the Founder is exercised by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. In December 2016, on the basis of the decision of the Accreditation Board of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science, the Kuban State Medical University was accredited for 5 years with the establishment of the state status of an “university” type of higher education institution.

The university occupies a special place in the structure of higher professional education in Russia thanks to the quality management system of vocational education. In June 2010, representatives of the Russian Register Certification Association conducted an audit of the University’s quality management system, the results of which issued the Certificate of Compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Management System. This system reflects the multi-level nature of the management of the educational process, which raises the status and prestige diploma internationally.

Training in modern knowledge in the field of medicine, pharmacy, the transfer of accumulated experience to students of FSBEI HE Kuban State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia is carried out by highly qualified specialists. The university has 624 faculty members, of whom 123 are doctors and 371 are candidates of science. Among the teachers are: 2 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 27 academicians and members of correspondents of foreign and Russian academies, 2 honored scientists of the Russian Federation, 1 laureate of the Russian Government Prize, 1 laureate of the State Prize, 16 honored doctors of the Russian Federation, 4 honored health workers of the Russian Federation inventor of the Russian Federation, 1 honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation, 36 honored workers of health care of the Kuban, 23 honored workers of science of the Kuban, 3 honored workers of science of the Republic of Adygea, 2 Sorovskikh professors.

For the organization of the educational process, the university has 900 classrooms and laboratories, 12 lecture halls that can accommodate about 1600 people. The university has 12 computer classes. Education of university students is conducted in both traditional and innovative forms. Information technologies, multimedia equipment, Internet are widely used.

At the moment, at the university, 5554 people are enrolled in higher education programs – specialty programs.

Kuban State Medical University History

In 1925, the first graduates of university students entered in 1920, many of whom later became well-known professors and scientists. In the same year, the university became the Kuban State Medical Institute. During the years of the Great Patriotic War, the institute survived two evacuations – to Yerevan and Tyumen, but not once during the war years did not interrupt the graduation of doctors. Immediately at the beginning of the war, additional classes were organized with senior students, accelerated graduations were held, which made it possible in the first year of the war to prepare 847 doctors. Practically all the staff of the university were employed to work in the rear.

Already in June 1943 in the Krasnodar branch of the institute resumed student classes. At the same time, intensive restoration work began in the main building on Sedin Street, 4, which was completed only in 1954. All theoretical departments previously housed in the obstetric school (Krasnaya str., 1) returned to their premises.

A separate line in the military history of the university inscribed the feat of the student FA. Luzana, who in 1941 refused to armor and volunteered for the front, where he served as a radio operator as part of a rifle regiment that fought in Karelia. Surrounded by the fascists, FA Luzan blew himself up and the radio station, so necessary for the enemy. The feat marked the star of the Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously. Immediately after the war, the admission of students to the first year of the institute was increased. The university received the right of admission to the defense of PhD theses. Resumed regular publication of scientific papers.

In the 1960s, the institute significantly expanded its profile. For more than 40 years only one medical faculty functioned in it. His graduates, medical doctors were sent to any medical positions and, already working, acquired a narrow specialty.

University Name1st Year Fee (USD)2nd-6th Year (USD)Total Package (USD)
Kuban State Medical University5,2004,70028,700


  • Tuition fee includes: Tuition fee, hostel, medical insurance, visa extension and medical checkup