MBBS from Komi State Medical University

Study MBBS Abroad Russia, for Indian students in a MCI approved university low cost fees structure options such as MBBS in Europe (Russia) is available from Rs. 11 lacs! To study MBBS in Abroad is not at all the priority of any Indian student. However, MBBS in Abroad happens to be a great option since the fees structure of MCI approved universities is with low cost. There are around 10,000 Indian students gets admission to MBBS Abroad every year in 12 different countries.

MBBS in Russia
For one of the best infrastructure in every field, the country of Russia has been a constant pull for education, medical studies such as MBBS or any other technical advances in Russia. With a wide and adventurous history, there is more to learn that meets the eye.

Why MBBS in Russia?

  • Low cost education
  • Government institutions, internationally recognized degrees and accredited by the MCI and WHO
  • Course is taught in English


MBBS in Armenia
Study MBBS in Armenia is a wise decision for Indian students to live their dream to become a doctor by pursuing MBBS in Armenia within low tuition fees. The admissions for the academic year 2018 has been started for MBBS in Armenia.

Why MBBS in Armenia?

  • MBBS in Armenia is in the English language
  • MCI approved Armenian University medical colleges
  • MBBS duration in Armenia is 6 years
  • Cheap medical universities in Armenia

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