MBBS From Belgorod State University

The history of our University is closely connected with the history of pedagogic education in Russia. The reforms of 1860s promoted the speeding-up of economy, trade and military science development and brought about the increase of educational establishments. Since 1872 special educational institutions – teaching institutes – were established.

On September 26, 1876 in a district town Belgorod the Teacher's Training Institute - the ninth one in Russia - was founded by the order of the Ministry of Public Education. Since that time the difficult but interesting way of our University has begun.

On June 4, 1919 Belgorod Teacher's Training Institute was reorganized into Belgorod Pedagogical Institute by the order of the People’s Commissariat for Education of the RSFSR, and in 1920 it was reorganized into Belgorod Institute of Public Education.

In 1922 Belgorod Institute of Public Education was reorganized into Belgorod Practical Institute of Public Education, which was reordered into the Pedagogical Secondary School in September, 1923.

In 1939 it became the Teacher's Training Institute again.

In 1941, when World War II began, the Institute stopped functioning. In1944, when the fascists invaders were driven out from the territory of the USSR, the Institute resumed its work in Stary Oskol town as Belgorod was destroyed during the war. After the war the Institute successfully developed its activity.

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